PlugX Chronicles

This blog-post is to compile list of articles and information bits about the PlugX - malware used as a RAT by several APT groups.

PlugX Tracker - http://ptrack.h3x.eu
PlugX Unsorted Corpus (not categorized samples) http://ptrack.h3x.eu/corpus/297
PlugX Corpus of Setup files (usually RAR SFX) http://ptrack.h3x.eu/corpus/290
PlugX Corpus of EXE (usually signed goodware) http://ptrack.h3x.eu/corpus/291
PlugX Corpus of DLL (malicious stub to load the encrypted payload) http://ptrack.h3x.eu/corpus/292
PlugX Corpus of ENC (encrypted payload) http://ptrack.h3x.eu/corpus/293
PlugX Corpus of DOC (phish documents with embedded PlugX) http://ptrack.h3x.eu/corpus/295

Materials on the topic:

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