Asprox botnet chronicles

This blog-post is to compile list of articles and information bits about the Asprox botnet.
Asprox malware is being spread around with phishing emails claiming to be from DHL/Fedex/USPS/American Airlines/Costco/Walmart/Pizza Hut/Home Depot/Target and many others as well. It also likes to claim it is court order, funeral/wedding announcement or missed voicemail from WhatsApp.

Asprox C2 Tracker - http://atrack.h3x.eu
Asprox Corpus of EXE (downloader) http://atrack.h3x.eu/corpus/2
Asprox Corpus of ZIP (downloader) http://atrack.h3x.eu/corpus/6
Asprox Corpus of EXE (2nd stage/update) http://atrack.h3x.eu/corpus/5
Asprox Corpus of TXT (displayed message) http://atrack.h3x.eu/corpus/7
Asprox Corpus of DLL modules http://atrack.h3x.eu/corpus/8

Materials on the topic:

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