Xrandr script for Gnome 3 - Fn+F4

As I am running gnome 3 and quite common in dualhead mode I was missing some easy way how to cycle between the Randr video modes.

So here is the result: xrandr_cycle

xrandr_cycle ... cycle between the display modes using the xrandr
Syntax: xrandr_cycle [--install|--help|-r]
xrandr_cycle ... cycle modes in forward order
xrandr_cycle -r ... cycle modes in reverse order
xrandr_cycle --help ... print this help
xrandr_cycle --install ... install ctrl-alt-3 and ctrl-alt-4 shortcuts

xrandr_cycle --install
By default it will install as metacity shortcut
Mod4-P (* Fn-F3) ... cycle modes in primary direction
ctrl-alt-4 (* Win-4) ... cycle modes in primary direction
ctrl-alt-3 (* Win-3) ... cycle modes in reverse direction

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