WebFonts causing Firefox to crash

Due to some error in pango the firefox / galeon ... etc keeps crashing when there is too many webfonts loaded on one page. As example of such site would be http://www.google.com/webfonts or
Template Designer/Advanced/Page here on blogger.com .

Workaround would be to install the webfonts locally:

cd /tmp
wget http://joemaller.com.nyud.net/googlewebfonts.tgz
tar xzvf googlewebfonts.tgz
cd googlefontdirectory
mkdir /usr/share/fonts/googlefontdirectory/
find ./ -type f -name *.ttf |xargs -i cp '{}' /usr/share/fonts/googlefontdirectory/
/usr/bin/fc-cache -f /usr/share/fonts/googlefontdirectory/

Fedora bug 673830

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